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About Amsterdam — (Oud) West/De Baarsjes

(Oud) West/De Baarsjes

2016-06-28 14:50:13 – Noor – Amsterdam

A district that has changed a lot in recent years and one I particularly like is oud-west. Still a little rough around the edges, it is now home to a great mix of people all happy to live in there. Jan Pieter Heijestraat is one of the many streets teeming with attractive coffee bars, boutiques and gorgeous little restaurants. The Ten Kate market is the ideal place to get flowers, fruit and veg at affordable prices. With the arrival of “de Hallen”, a former tram garage converted into a hotspot of great shops, restaurants and a cinema, this is a gem waiting to be discovered. Amazingly, this bit of affordable Amsterdam is just 5 minutes by bike from the centre!

noorestate’s faves:

  • Lot Sixty One
  • Ten Kate markt
  • Hotel Not Hotel
  • De Hallen
  • Meat West
  • Gesponnen Suiker
  • Fa. Speijkervet
  • Stadscafé van Mechelen
  • Holy Ravioli!