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About Amsterdam — Noord


2016-06-28 14:52:26 – Noor – Amsterdam

My lord! There is so much going on in Noord! It has welcomed lots of cafes and places to eat, and redevelopments and new constructions are everywhere. And with Noord being such a big district, there’s plenty more to come! Get there by ferry or take the tunnel by car. Or wait for the bridge the council plans to build, connecting Noord to the centre of Amsterdam. Noord is an attractive option for people who want to live somewhere affordable, who like space and nature, but who also want to be able to hit Amsterdam’s busy centre, which is just five minutes away by (free!) ferry service.

noorestate’s faves:

  • IJhallen
  • Café De Ceuvel
  • Pontstation
  • Café Modern
  • De Landmarkt
  • Hotel de Goudfazant
  • Pllek
  • Bioscoop Eye
  • Bistro Noord